Emulators or Simulators Download

Hello Developers,

For Mobile Web development this is very important to know about the simulators and emulators. These are basically act as virtual mobile devices with the help of which testing can be done. But this could not give you the 100% testing result as on real mobile device. Still these are very useful to test with.

Here I am sharing different Mobile OS simulator/emulator download details.

1) iPhone & iPad Simulator – (Download)

2) iOS Simulator – (Download)

3) Android Emulator – (Download)

4) HP webOS Emulator for Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Pixi Plus – (Download)

5)  BlackBerry Simulators for 35 different models including series Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm, Storm2, Style, Torch & Tour – (Download)

6)  Windows Phone 7 Simulator – (Download)

7)  Opera Mobile Emulator – (Download)

8)  Opera Mini Simulator – (Download)

9) PhoneGap Simulator for Apple iPhone, Generic Android, and others – (Download)

10)  Bada Simulator for Maemo (such as Nokia N900), Symbian Touch (such as Nokia N8) and Symbian non-touch (such as Nokie E71) – (Download)

11)  Garnet Emulator for Old Palm OS devices – (Download)

There are lots of other simulators and emulators are available like  Motorola-Xoom Add-on, Nokia Symbian, Samsung Galaxy Tab Add-On etc. But here I have listed the imortant ones to test with.

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4 thoughts on “Emulators or Simulators Download

    • Hey Tim,

      Thanks for your message.

      Not tried yet…..Do you have any link, where I can get an idea about the list of Mobile Devices this MITE provides as free. I didn’t get any info on the site.

  1. It can be downloaded for free at mite.keynote.com. The actual number is over 2,000 emulated devices, and 12,000 device profiles (user agent strings + other device headers). I think you’ll find most popular smartphones (iPhones, Android, BB, etc.) and tablets– we’re continually adding new ones. The best way to get the full list is to d/l MITE and click on the device library– they’re all there to see.

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