Color Picker Tool in Visual Studio IDE

Hello Developers,

I just thought of sharing a nice ‘n’ cool feature of Visual Studio IDE, i.e. Color Picker tool. In day to day life developer needs several color codes to give a nice look to their pages or sites. And they struggle to get it and at last they download some external tools to do this job for them.

But its something we can do within the VS IDE itself, which is cool n hidden(not known to maximum) developers, as its a bit of trick to enable the color picker. One you do it, you would love this. Let me explain the steps for the same.


Right click on your any of the CSS class and choose “Build Style” option as below


Choose “Color” option either from font tab or background tab


Click on “Select


Hit Alt + Tab to come out of Visual Studio IDE and go to the doc/any pic/ desktop/any where to pick you color. Then hit again Alt + Tab to get the above window.


Click on “Select” and take the picker to your selection. Now you should be able to get the color code.


Try yourself and enjoy !!!!!

With Personal Regarrds





4 thoughts on “Color Picker Tool in Visual Studio IDE

  1. Good one Zenny.. I used to use photoshop to do this.. Installing photoshop is a tedious job and most of the times we do not have that software … This one is really helpful.

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