ZAjax – a Javascript library to send Ajax request – GET/POST – JOSN

Hello Developers,

I have written a library which helps to send and process AJAX requests with JSON data. Right now it accepts HTTP GET and HTTP POST Json requests. You can download from below repository

You also can extend this to your requirement like POST stream, GET custom object etc.

Sample code to use this:


 var url=’’;

var requestType=’GET’;

var data={id:1120}; //JSON data

var successCallback= function(response){

//implement your code


var failureCallback= function(response){

//implement your code


var contentType = ‘application/json’;

ZScript.Ajax.send-request(url, requestType, contentType, data, successCallback, failureCallback);

This is a very simple to use library and sample shows how to send a GET request .

Best Regards